8 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaign


When you use email as a precision targeted marketing strategy, it becomes quite hard to beat. But it is not that easy to use it correctly. If you do not use it in a correct way then you will end up wasting your time and money on this strategy that will yield you no results. Here are some tips that will make your email marketing strategy work.

1. Use double opt-in method

In this method, your visitors have to confirm their subscription to your email list after they have entered their email address in the subscription form on the landing page.

The alternative option, single opt-in, is preferred by people. However, you can’t be sure about the email address validity that you have been given. Some people will just take the offers that they find useful and would provide you with a fake email id.

When you use the double opt-in method, you can be sure that the email addresses you have received are real. It also ensures that your subscribers are keen on committing and will engage with you. With the double opt-in method, you can avoid ending up in the spam folder. When you use the double opt-in method your conversions will increase significantly.

2. Provide them with something useful

People love it when they get free stuff. For instance, you can offer them with Word of The Day rather than providing them with a free template to a language learning website. You have to provide your target audience with something that is valuable to them. This way, there are more chances of your email getting opened.

3. Stick to light media

Never embed Flash, JavaScript or videos in your emails because even though your email recipients enjoy it, their email client is more likely to block it.

Even if sending video links in email increases your click-through rates, but it is more likely that the email may send a red flag to your email client, which will eventually block it. If you really want to send a Flash or video file, you can embed a link in the image and then send it.

4. If you are not sure about the subscribers name then don’t use it

People become suspicious of the emails that start with Dear (name). However, if you have already established a relationship with them then you can address them with their name. You do not want to come across as too chummy, as this makes them more suspicious. So always be sure of the name and then address your customer.

5. Limit the emails you send

The frequency at which you send your emails depends on different factors. For a marketing strategy, you need to build brand awareness with your visitors.

At the same time, each time you send email make sure you have something relevant to give them. The copy needs to be well-written and compelling and should resonate with your targeted audience. However, if you send emails less often then it will lessen the impact you have on your customers.

You need to decide the number emails that you will need to send based on the number of emails that get opened. You should take note on how your email frequency affects your statistics in comparison to your content.

6. Mix useful and promotional information

People are not interested only in promotional content. However, you can send them offers or discount codes that will grab their attention and they will probably buy your products or services.

7. Include the point of your email in the first sentence

You have to motivate your email recipients to open and read your email completely. Most of the email systems make it possible for the people to read the first sentence of the email. So you should include the main points in the first sentence itself.

8. Avoid the spam trigger words

The subject line of your email is the most important thing. If the subject line is compelling enough then people will definitely open your email.

However, there are particular words that you need to avoid if you do not want get in the spam folder. These comprises words such as Sale, Attention, Free, 100% free, Cheap, Affordable, Act Now, Apply Now, Amazing stuff; and the list continues!

In conclusion, email marketing is an exceptional strategy to build your brand and promote your business, but only when you do it the right way.

Do you have any more points? If yes, then share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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