Automated Webinars – Making it easier to scale marketing efforts!


A great way to improve engagement with your viewers is by running webinars. Secondly, it also creates a new profit stream for your business. Automated Webinars presents you with an opportunity to engage with your audience.

Automated Webinars Offer Better Solution

While webinars are quite powerful, they are difficult to scale. When you are running a webinar actively, it can take your focus from other aspects of your business and put a strain on your energy level and your voice. If you want use the power of webinars as growth tool for your business but are not fine with the level of commitment it requires, then automated webinars are the best solution for you.

With the aid of today’s technology, it is possible to integrate the automation practices into the traditional webinars in several different ways:

  • Fully Automated Events:

For this, you have to record your webinar well in advance and upload it later on to the webinar service of your preference. Once the upload is successful, you can set the service to stream your automated webinar at specific times. Setting the services to manage the registration process is also required at the different startup times you have specified.

  • Live Streaming Events:

On the other hand, if you think that your pre-recorded webinars are lacking in energy, then you can partially automate some of your live streaming events. This way, you will be giving the presentation in real-time, but the webinar service will automate the sales funnel creation process. It will build registration models, landing pages, email notifications and much more.

Creation of Hybrid Webinar Events

Based on the webinar service that you use, you might be able to create hybrid events that will combine fully automated and live streaming components. You need to decide the approach you would like to take before choosing the webinar service so that you get access to the modules and features you require.

Once you have chosen the technological solutions, you need to start planning the content that you are going to include in your webinar. These are some of the practices that will bring the most out of your effort:

1. Make it evergreen.

If your plan is to run one automated webinar frequently then you have to select a topic that will interest your future viewers.

2. Transition from live events to automated webinars.

You should start with live events and then slowly transition to automated webinar. If you allow the audiences to ask questions, then you will get proper feedback from them to improve your presentation. You can then integrate these answers into your content prior to recording the ultimate version for the automated events.

Most live webinar services offer fully-featured analytics program that you can take advantage of. One of the metric that needs your attention is when people start leaving your event. Once you have spotted the trend, you can then adjust your content accordingly.

3. Watch out for engagement lapses

If you have chosen a good automated webinar service, then you will get abundant data on the way your viewers are reacting to your webinar content. However, do not simply look for trends where the audiences are dropping out of viewing. You should also see if your entry funnel needs extra work. You can then add quality content in advance to enhance the number of viewers.

In conclusion, automated webinars enables you to focus on the growth of your business and be more productive. Like any other marketing technique, automated webinars have a learning curve. However, if you are keen on learning this tool then it will make it easier for you to scale your webinar efforts and the profit you gain from it.

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