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Everybody wants leads for their business Once you have a few leads, you will want more and after that you will want quality ones. This is all a part of doing business. Every business needs potential leads, but getting them is easier said than done. There are plenty of ways in which you can generate leads. Some of these ways are more successful while others are more expensive. You can generate leads with the help of email marketing. It is one of the most effective tactics for generating leads.

#1 Technique for Lead Generation

These are some of the tactics that will give you better lead generation:

1. Offer High-value and Relevant content Email Newsletter

Your email newsletter should contain relevant content that will grasp your audiences’ attention. Through this newsletter you can generate leads as people will come to know about your business. You should send regular updates related to your businesses and services through the email newsletter.

2. Set Up Triggered Emails

Triggered emails get automatically activated when an individual takes a particular action. This action could be filling out a contact form, downloading a whitepaper or placing an order.

When the event is triggered, you email marketing system will automatically send out a series of emails. The content of the email is tailored according to the individual who will receive it and take a specific action. This automates your follow-ups; it is nurturing leads on autopilot.

3. Segmenting Emails in Accordance with Subscriber Behavior

When you segment, your emails become more pertinent to your readers. The emails that contain relevant content that interests the subscribers will obtain more opens, clicks and sales.

Segmentation can be done by dozens of behaviors. Such as:

  • Which links get clicked by the email subscribers
  • When subscribers sign up
  • When a subscriber clicks-through an email but does not convert
  • No reaction… you can resend the email to people who did not open it (but change the subject line).

4. Gate Your Content

It is the earliest lead generation technique. Today, the common setup is to drive traffic to the landing page, where people are requested to enter their information for which they get a free report. You can even provide valuable website content and ask them for their email there.

5. Make Your Emails Sharable

Many people still forward mails to their family, friends and colleague, especially if has been made easy for them.

There are various ways in which it can be done:

  • Simply asking them to forward the email
  • Adding a button that formats an email automatically
  • Embedding your email with pre-formatted tweets for sharing
  • Adding a signup link
  • Add a button that makes it easier for people to share your mail on social media accounts

In conclusion, following these steps can make it easier for you to generate leads by the means of email marketing.

Share your favorite way of generating leads with the aid of email marketing in the comment section below.

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Discover ways to generate more qualified leads with email marketing. It is one of the best way to generate leads and convert more.

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