Integration of Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigns


Email marketing and social media campaigns are both powerful tools on their own. However, if these respective strategies are used collectively then they will be more powerful. In this blog post, we are going to explore how to harmonize email and social media strategies to achieve your marketing objectives.

Harmonizing email marketing and social media

1. Including social media buttons in your emails

This is the most obvious and many people have already started following it. However, I want to point out the way in which it should be done. These social media icons should be visible clearly in your email messages. If they are too small or tucked away in some corner, they are likely to be missed.

Place these icons in the middle or at the top of your message where your audiences can spot them clearly. These icons should shine like call-to-action and for this you can add some copy that will give it an extra boost such as – ‘Check out this special Facebook offer!’ or something along this line.

2. Promoting your social media profiles in the emails

With the help of your next email address, you should actively promote the photograph competition you are holding on Instagram, or the on-goings on your Facebook page, or any exclusive offers on your Pinterest, or any Twitter chats that you have stimulated. With the help of this idea you will be able to extend your overall engagement with your customers.

3. Promotion of email content via social media

The above tactic can work in reverse. For instance, on Twitter you can utilize Twitter Cards that has additional bonus of enabling your followers to sign up to your email list with one click. These followers do not have to leave the platform for signing up to your email list which is convenient to them and ensures more conversions.

4. Uploading your email list to the social media sites

This is the last tip I want to give you. The biggest benefit of this is that you will be able to start following all your subscribers on various social networking sites. This enables you to get extensive knowledge about your subscribers and their interests. You can then use this information for your future email campaigns when you are targeting them.

Furthermore, you are able to start building a customer list on your social media sites and run particular retargeting campaigns. These campaigns are mainly aimed at the customers on the social media that they mostly visit.

With the extra information that you get from your customers from all the social networking sites, you can then build more personalized content to capture their attention.

Do you have any tricks and tips that will integrate email and social media campaign more effectively? Please share them with us in the comment section below!

Meta Description: Integration of email marketing and social media campaigns aid in reaching out to audiences across different platforms and provides maximum effectiveness.

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