Top 5 Reasons for Having an Exceptional Landing Page


First impressions are quite important and your landing page should make a good impression on your first-time visitors. The future relationship with your customers depends on your landing page. Landing pages are a part of marketing strategy and they aid you in capturing leads and move visitors move through your sales funnel.

Landing pages exists for various reasons:

  • Capture an email address
  • Sell a product
  • Offer white paper or eBook download
  • Promote a product or service

A great website needs a great landing page

Here are 5 reasons why you need an exceptional landing page:

1. Lead Generation

To capture potential leads you need to build landing pages. If your landing page is well-designed then it will increase you conversion rate from email marketing or pay-per-click campaigns. You can direct your visitors to your dedicated landing page, instead of directing them to your website.

This directs your visitors to a page that actually matches to what they clicked on. This page will provide them with content that is specifically targeted for them and will move them down a pathway that is pre-determined.

2. Advertising Conversion

Suppose you are running a paid Facebook ad or Google Adwords campaign. If you send the visitors to your dedicated landing page then your advertising will be much more effective. The content present on your website should be what a visitor expects to find.

Your landing page must be keyword optimized and should match with the keywords of your Google Adwords or the Facebook ad. If you have a dedicated landing page then your ad will rank higher in the search results. It is because the landing page increases the importance of your page to the ad and you will also have a better quality score.

3. Better Data

When you create landing pages, you will get more accurate statistics and data related to click rate and bounce rate. You will be privy to a lot of information related to user data on your landing page. This will aid you in making the necessary changes that enhances your landing page all the more.

This way you will also be able to observe which landing pages are functioning and which aren’t. For instance, you can observe the bounce rate of your different landing pages and then study the metrics to determine which pages are in a need of adjustments for better performance.

4. Brand Reputation

Landing pages helps in enhancing your brand by giving your visitors what they are expecting. Landing page also helps your brand through customer testimonials and reviews.

You should add these as well as professional credentials and awards on your landing pages. All these small touches ultimately help you in establishing as a brand that is worth trusting.

5. Narrow Focus

Landing page creation helps in narrowing the focus of page and eliminating all the distractions. You could include one call-to-action which gives you a greater control to lead your website visitor to perform the desired action.

The greater the focus the more higher will be your search ranking. This is due to the fact that you are consistently meeting the Google searchers requirements. SEO makes use of specific keywords that will drive the Google searches. By using a landing page that is optimized, you will be perfectly targeting those keywords.

When specific keywords match the search results makes Google very happy and could increase your search page ranking as well as click-through rates.

With these pointers, optimize your landing page today and enjoy increased conversions. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Meta Description: Landing page creation is an essential aspect of any company’s website as it can boost your business by turning your potential customers into paying ones.

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